The Audacity of Hope


Nov. 6, 2018, 7 pm Eastern Time Zone

This is a weird moment in time. I feel the whole world is in limbo, waiting for the results of the US midterm elections. I feel mentally exhausted myself. Physically too.

Trying to relax by the fireside and listening to streamed classical music: Ottorino Raspighi, Preludio. Feels like everything is in the balance. The world could go to pot or there could be some semblance of normalcy, a swing back to rational leaders.

And as we wait for polls to close and results to trickle in, I wonder what the results actually depend on. Do they depend on our tireless efforts as part of the resistance all over the country. Did our small group of “resistance fighters” make any difference? Or was it all futile? Hundreds of hours of meetings, rallies, protest marches, writing op-eds, letters to the editors and blog posts, canvassing and phone-banking, did it help at all? I guess we will never know.

The cynic in me asks whether the outcome just depends on spewed lies from the orange monster and his followers, or on voter repression, or on robocalls, or on other malignant attempts to fool trusting citizens.

There have of course been many monsters in the history of mankind and somehow our civilization has survived. But, while we may survive Trumpism, I am still not sure about the future. The projected consequences of global warming are most alarming and I wonder whether mankind is doomed regardless of the outcome of tonight’s elections.  For the sake of my grandchildren, I hope not.

Yes, that’s it HOPE. That was Obama’s message: “The Audacity of Hope”. That is what we have to cling to.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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2 Responses to The Audacity of Hope

  1. James Ewing says:

    Thanks for this comment, David.
    Precisely expresses what many of us are feeling.
    And grateful for the ever-presence of hope you mention,
    as well as coming to know and value all the fine people who have worked so hard together.
    That over all remains most precious and with that we have only gained.


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