Playing Dirty: the Cox Brothers

Funded by the Cox brothers

Nigel Noble
Magic Lantern Media Inc.
A friend from upstate NY sent me this. Playing dirty: Received a postcard just today stressing how I should vote for my congressional district’s “Green candidate” over the “Moderate Democrat.” The political ad was paid for by “Fight for Tomorrow” and “not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.” If you look up Fight for Tomorrow, you will find that it’s a PAC based out of Texas affiliated with Conservatives/Republicans. Its largest donor, if you look a little deeper, is Howard Cox, partner of venture capital firm Greylock Partners. If you search further, you’ll find that Howard Cox last year contributed “an eye-popping” $500,000 to the New York State Republican Party, of which his brother Ed Cox is chairman. Fight for Tomorrow in New York for my district has a local address in a strip mall next to a Moe’s Southwest Grill. Their website is protected (read: hidden ownership) by GoDaddy’s Domains by Proxy. Just a little alert about divide-and-conquer strategies.
Don’t want this to get buried either: Here is Howard Cox pitching venture capital to Russians just 5 years ago —

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