“Roundtable” on Gangs and Immigration

Lee Zeldin and Bob Goodlatte held a “roundtable” on the topic of gangs and immigration at Suffolk County College of Riverhead.  With little notice and no invites to relevant local leaders or concerned citizen’s groups, those that did show up (about 60 people) were shut out of the meeting!   A roundtable usually implies that all concerned are invited to participate.  Not in Zeldin’s world.  Like his mentor, he doesn’t like dissent.

I have a copy of the printed agenda of the meeting (see below) and pictures of the protestors outside the building that we were not allowed to enter.  Students on campus were interested in all the commotion and we got to register some of them to vote!


The press was present – I am sure we will hear more about this.  It sounds like another Photo-op for ZELDIN.  Not a serious effort to help improve anyone’s life.  Here is a press report:  http://www.fios1news.com/longisland/local-suffolk-roundtable-on-immigration-gang-violence-met-with-protests#.W6Bt0VJRfOS



IMG_8969  IMG_8967






This video doesn’t exist

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