Zeldin’s Environmental Voting Record Goes from Bad to Worse

39555196514_33abe1f2fb_bLee Zeldin wants to Drill in the Ironwood Forest National Monument

By Marc Rauch:
Latest update:
Zeldin’s Environmental Voting Record Goes from Bad to Worse in 2018
In the first 3 years of Lee Zeldin’s congressional term (2015-2017), he earned a 10% scorecard rating from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV). This means that he voted against the environment 90% of the time.
So far in 2018, LCV has scored 22 House votes related to the environment. Zeldin has voted against the environment 21 out of 22 times, or 95% of the time.
Since our last update on July 5, 2018, Zeldin has voted:
— to undermine fisheries management tools that are essential to prevent overfishing
— to prevent implementation of vital safeguards that protect communities from exposure to toxins in the fish they eat
— to prevent EPA from implementing its standards to reduce methane pollution in the oil and gas industry
— to prevent Congress from considering the economic costs of climate change
— to undermine the EPA’s ability to protect the 64,000 square mile Chesapeake Bay watershed
— to block federal funding for the New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse under the Endangered Species Act
— to support Republican Congressman Steve Scalise’s House Resolution declaring that a carbon tax to fight climate change would harm the U.S. economy
— to prevent the EPA from using funds for an environmental justice grants program
— to deeply cut funding for the EPA and cut $65 million from the budget for the Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
— to cut funding for the Department of the Interior’s Inspector General’s Office
— to open the Ironwood Forest National Monument to mining and drilling
On the “bright” side, to the extent that there is one, Zeldin in his only pro-environment vote so far this year voted against a bill that would allow LWCF funding to be redirected to park maintenance.
Details can be found here:

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3 Responses to Zeldin’s Environmental Voting Record Goes from Bad to Worse

  1. Judith Weis says:

    You shouldn’t call the contaminants in fish “toxins” (unless we are talking about the fish killed by the Florida red tide). Toxins are poisons made by living things like red tide dinoflagellates, rattlesnakes, bublebees etc. Pollutant chemicals can properly be called toxic pollutants,chemical contaminants, toxic contaminants etc. but not toxins.

  2. James Ewing says:

    Zeldin voted in favor of a resolution recommending against even a debate on a carbon tax presuming it would hurt the economy (probably without understanding how it would work which is what a debate would be about ! ) Makes me crazy.
    “The Republican party is the most dangerous organization in human history… dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organized human life on earth.” — Noam Chomsky,

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