Sunday Aug. 26th there were rallies across the country including 2 in NY City:


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Cory Booker summarizes this mess eloquently:

Donald Trump’s personal lawyer has sworn under oath that Trump directed him to commit federal crimes.1

The Judiciary Committee should stop the Supreme Court hearings that are scheduled for early September and deal with the urgent matter of a president being credibly implicated in a criminal conspiracy.

The Senate must reject any Supreme Court nominee from an alleged criminal co-conspirator—especially when that nominee may rule to protect Trump from any accountability.

Let’s look at the facts. Several of the people closest to Donald Trump, including his former personal lawyer (Michael Cohen), former campaign chairman (Paul Manafort), former national security adviser (Michael Flynn), and others, have either been convicted of or have pleaded guilty to a range of federal offenses—including campaign finance violations allegedly at the direction of candidate Trump.2

Meanwhile, Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, has argued that a sitting president cannot be criminally indicted or even a subject of a criminal investigation while in office. The consequences of his confirmation could be enormous: Kavanaugh could become Trump’s shield against accountability.3

We must let Special Counsel Robert Mueller complete his investigation before proceeding with any Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

No American citizen under criminal investigation is able to choose their own judge. The president shouldn’t be an exception.

Thank you.   Senator Cory Booker


1. “Cohen attorney: If these hush payments are crimes, Trump is guilty,” Politico, August 21, 2018

2. “Cohen, Manafort and more: Trump associates and others accused or convicted of crimes,” USA Today, August 22, 2018

3. “Kavanaugh in memo argued against indicting sitting president,” The Associated Press, August 10, 2018

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BTW, in case you are wondering, Lee Zeldin supports the Kavanaugh nomination.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley): “ I strongly believe that regardless of whether a judicial court nominee is chosen by a Republican president or a Democrat president, or whether the nominee is conservative, moderate, or liberal in his or her beliefs, it is most important that the individual would not be an activist on the bench or allow their personal beliefs  to overcome the required objectivity to strictly interpret the law and our Constitution.”

What a hypocrite.  Remember them blocking Obama’s nominee: Merrick Garland.

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