It is July 4th

I am not feeling very proud of my country.  I am sure I am not alone. Where are the reasons to celebrate?

Well, we had an amazing Unity Party on Sunday July 1st.  All 5 Dem. candidates were present and everyone congratulated Perry Gershon and pledged their support!

Then Eilleen Duffy started a 4th of July fund raiser via LVLZ asking everyone to contribute $100.  They have already raised a huge sum, just within a day or two!  Please donate here and spread the word!

Finally, I attended the July 4th “Keep our Families Together” rally in Sag Harbor along with about 400 outraged citizens :

So, yes, I am feeling proud of America’s citizens. I am feeling proud of the fight within us, something akin to what was happening to the founders, I believe.  There is nothing honorable or representative of the history of this nation in the Trump/Zeldin/Bannon/Gorka camp.  Period.  Enjoy the pictures.

The Rally “Keep our Families Together”

Unknown-3  Unknown-12






The Unity Party attended by 210+ people:

Unknown-4Perry Gershon addressing the crowd.

Unknown-7Peter Van Scoyoc (East Hampton Supervisor) addressing the crowd.

Unknown-9Christine Pellegrino (NYS assembly woman from Long Island’s 9th district) addressing the crowd.

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Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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