Avenue Wars!


(Sebastian Gorka wearing medal of the Historical Order of Vitéz)


Yesterday night Perry Gershon won the Democrat’s primary to face Lee Zeldin in November.  20,000 people voted in this democratic primary.   That’s a 40% increase over the 2016 primary!  It shows a lot of energy and Lee Zeldin took notice.  It took only minutes for the Zeldin folks to dub him “Park Avenue Perry” as per Patch.com.  It is comical that the “lap dog of 5th Avenue Trump” would make that argument!

LZ: “Congrats to Park Avenue Perry on buying his way into a general election. It’s amazing that the Democratic Party was so desperate that they nominated a liberal Manhattan Democrat who has never even voted here in a November election for Congress,” a release said. “After a primary where he continuously preached about his desire to make Nancy Pelosi the next Speaker of the House, made the disgusting comparison of President Trump’s rallies to Hitler rallies, pathologically lied about Congressman Zeldin’s policy positions, defended high taxes, and took many other out of touch, far left positions, Park Avenue Perry proved how unrepresentative to us he would be as a representative.”

It seems that the Trump voter has long since accepted  1) the outsider without political experience, 2) the mega-rich, and 3) those that do not really represent them!

But the real issues are hardly mentioned by Zeldin’s folks. Does anyone care about affordable healthcare?  How about preserving medicare, medicaid and your social security?  Who cares about the fact that job growth and salaries in Suffolk county lag behind nearly every county in New York State?   Who really cares about the enviroment?  And that includes clean energy, not just Block Island!

Finally, Lee talks about anger and hatred? What is with his choice of fund raiser guests?  Sebastian Gorka? Steve Bannon?  Are you kidding?

Gorka was an editor for national security affairs for Breitbart News,[31] where he worked for Steve Bannon.[32]   Both ofcourse were released from their duties at the WH.  Gorka failed to obtain the security clearance necessary for work on national security issues.

Shortly after taking a position in the Trump administration in early 2017, Gorka drew criticism from multiple commentators in academia and politics, who characterized him as a fringe figure in academic and policy-making circles. Business Insider politics editor Pamela Engel has described Gorka as being “widely disdained within his own field.”  Georgetown University associate professor Daniel Nexon reviewed Gorka’s PhD thesis, describing it as “inept” and saying “It does not deploy evidence that would satisfy the most basic methodological requirements for a PhD in the US”.

The Historical Order of Vitéz:  The Order of Vitéz was a Hungarian order of merit founded in 1920 to reward heroic soldiers. It entitled the bearer to the title vitéz (literally: “valiant”), as well as a grant of land. The title was inheritable, passing from father to son. Like all such orders in Hungary, it was disbanded at the end of World War II.  The U.S. State Department lists this order among organizations having been “under the direction of the Nazi government of Germany” during World War II.

Since then a number of private associations have worked to restore the order. The most notable of these is the Historical Order of Vitéz. This Order granted Gorka’s father, Paul Gorka, their title in 1979 in recognition of his resistance to the post-war Soviet occupation of Hungary.

In a 2007 video, Gorka declared his support for the Magyar Gárda (Hungarian Guard), a paramilitary group described by various sources as neo-fascist and anti-Semitic.

Gorka wore his medal of the Historical Order of Vitéz at Donald Trump’s inauguration. The medal was awarded to Gorka’s father, Paul, for his efforts in fighting against Hungary’s post-WWII Soviet-aligned regime. Gorka says he wears it to honor his father’s memory.

Gorka was detained January 31, 2016 at the Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington D.C. for attempting to board a plane with a 9mm handgun in his luggage. The gun was confiscated by Transportation Security Administration officers and Gorka, after being detained and issued with a criminal summons, was permitted to board his plane.[102] Gorka said that he had packed the carry-on bag without remembering that it contained a gun. A judge dismissed the charge on February 3, 2017 since he had stayed out of legal trouble for six months, in an arrangement agreed with the prosecutor.

Regarding Steve Bannon we have previously blogged on his connections to Breitbart and neo-nazi groups:


LZ decries “the left” as “filled with hate and intolerance…”    Wow. Does that sound tone deaf or what?



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2 Responses to Avenue Wars!

  1. Tina Plesset says:

    Now I get the 5th Ave reference. Good blog!

    Tina Plesset 914.980.0035


  2. James Ewing says:

    Great post David. The gloves came off quickly.
    Let’s be sure to keep Perry’s spine stiff and supported.
    This could get nasty.

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