Talking with the Cashier at Stop and Shop

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By David Mayer (as posted on FB – LVLZ)

Supermarket politics. I just ran into an older gentleman on the check out line at Stop and Shop in Hampton Bays, Long Island. He couldn’t read the label on a can, and asked me for help.

While waiting on line we got to talking about the rising cost of goods (cogs). As we approached the cashier who is an older woman, she opined and said, “Trump will bring the cogs down.”

The older gentleman quickly spoke up, “he’s going to make it worse, not better! See the gas prices creeping up? That’s just the beginning!”

He kindly explained to her that the recent tax bill does nothing for working class folks like herself and that personally, he couldn’t weather another stock market crash like we had with Bush Jr because he’s 77 years old and time is not on his side.

The man explained how Obama more than doubled the stock market after being handed a major recession and was able to lower the unemployment rate, as he walked away, he said, “oh and btw, he kept us out of war.”

She looked at me and said, “well he has a point, and honestly the latest tax bill hardly did a thing for me, I’m embarrassed to say this, but I’m not sure if I’d vote for Trump again, I think I made a mistake, so did others.”

This November, we must change the narrative, not simply scream “impeachment” and “Russia”. We must talk about the economy at a local level, national numbers won’t help defeat Republican incumbents in congressional races.

Here on Long Island, our unemployment rate is above the national average and growth is almost non existent. Talk about what matters to the average person, don’t use extreme rhetoric. We can do this, we can win! #bluewavedems


David P: Just FYI, you can search this site with words like “jobs”, “economy” , etc.  There are over 500 blog posts here!

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7 Responses to Talking with the Cashier at Stop and Shop

  1. Steven A. Ludsin says:

    Great grass roots story. Hope Belport went well! From: comment-reply@wordpress.comSent: June 3, 2018 2:07 PMTo: ludsin@gmail.comReply-to: comment+p6thkbpxmkndzxkolmkv5_l@comment.wordpress.comSubject: [New post] Talking with the Cashier at Stop and Shop #ssc170634 a:hover{color: red;}#ssc170634 a{text-decoration: none;color: rgb(0, 136, 204);}#ssc170634 a.primaryactionlink:link,#ssc170634 a.primaryactionlink:visited{background-color: rgb(37, 133, 178);color: rgb(255, 255, 255);}#ssc170634 a.primaryactionlink:hover,#ssc170634 a.primaryactionlink:active{background-color: rgb(17, 114, 158) !important;color: rgb(255, 255, 255) !important;}

    D. Posnett MD posted: ”


    By David Mayer (as posted on FB – LVLZ)

    Supermarket politics. I just ran into an older gentleman on the check out line at Stop and Shop in Hampton Bays, Long Island. He couldn’t read the label on a can, and asked me for help.

    While waiting “

  2. Carol J Williams says:

    Thanks. On NPR Sunday Weekend Edition this morning segment on ‘realities of MS-13’. Expert on criminal justice says Trump immigration policies making MS-13 problem much worse since immigrant community can’t report crimes. Zeldin making S-13 big local issue: important to know how to rebut.

    • One way to rebut: The only town in Suffolk County with practically no gang violence at all (and yet plenty of Spanish speaking immigrants), is East Hampton. The high school is 65% Latino. The local government are all Dems and the local police chief (Chief Sarlo) is fantastic. No voluntary collaboration with ICE. PD realizes the true danger of scaring law-abiding Latinos away, to the point that they will not report crimes or work with the PD. Brookhaven town, by contrast, has nests of MS-13 and other gangs and has been under Republican control for many years.

  3. Leonard Charney says:


    • I don’t see any reason to “keep Bernie Sanders away”. We can not replace the orange monster as long as we do not unite. The maxim “divide and conquer” first coined by Julius Caesar, 2000 years ago has proven effective over and over again and was used by Napoleon, Machiavelli and many others (including our present day DT).

  4. John Hooker says:

    Great stuff. This is so good (I wonder if you made it up). But since I know you: you didn’t.

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