Introducing #MarchForOurLives Long Island

Unknown-2Gabrielle and James – youth leaders in MFOL at rally

UnknownHuntington Rally

unknown-1.jpegHuntington Rally

Unknown-3Town Hall Project organized at Knox School

If you are like me, you probably don’t know what #MarchForOurLives has been doing right here in our home towns.  I just found out.  They are impressive and I will share.

Julia Fenster is Chair for “March For Our Lives Long Island” (or MFOL-LI). It originated out of the Huntington Rally on March 24th and has been extremely active. They have about 2000 youth in their network in some 60 schools. About 1200 signed up on their text service and around 750 people in their Facebook page. There is a core youth leadership team as well. They started a youth ambassador program at several Long Island High Schools. Julia Fenster says “It’s been tremendously exciting working with and mentoring these terrific young people.”


Past events:

Prior to the March 24th Rally we held 3 youth forums with guest speakers.  This included the American Academy of Pediatrics for the LI region who spoke about gun safety as a public health concern. Also, Paul Guttenberg, from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence on state legislation, concerning Voter Registration/Voter Suppression/Gerrymandering.

Town Hall for Our Lives at Knox School in CD1 – Lee Zeldin was a no show, but all Dem candidates were there. This town hall included a voter registration drive. About 150-200 people were in attendance and the press as well. Guest speakers included; attorney Paul Guttenberg, representatives from the Center for Human Rights and Social Justice, and Darryl Richard St George who ran for Huntington Town Supervisor in 2017.

Bi-Partisan Town Hall at Kings Park High School on 19th Anniversary of Columbine, which was sponsored and co-organized by MFOL LI and Lead by Kings Park HS MFOL LI youth ambassador Ryan McKenna and other students. Attended by Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, Rep. Tom Suozzi, all CD1 Dem. candidates, and a Republican Assemblyman Fitzpatrick, and Legislator Trotta. Voter Registration was handled by ATLI (Action Together Long Island) a social action group.

March For Our Lives Long Island activated youth voters in the special election to elect Steve Stern to the 10th Assembly District, many voting for first time!

Fireside Chat with Tom Suozzi and Leadership team of March For Our Lives Long Island – this was live-streamed and reached over 4000 viewers & with lots of press coverage. 

Mid Terms Kick Off Event: featuring presentations by the NY State Democratic Party, WFP, Swing Left, TASC, and Huntington Young Dems. This included voter registration, press coverage and about 50 attendees 

March For Our Lives Long Island sponsored and co-organized the Great Neck North HS walk out. Guest speakers included; Anna Kaplan, Brad Schwartz, Paul Guttenberg, Rita Kestenbaum.

March For Our Lives Long Island leadership spoke at the Democratic Kick Off on Long Island, at the NY State Convention (seconding the endorsement for Cuomo) and at several other political events. 

There are many upcoming events and initiatives. On June 16th there is a “Midterms 2018-State Level Lunch and Learn” in Old Bethpage.

The March For Our Lives Long Island Group has continued to expand their outreach to youth throughout Long Island. With the mentorship of their chair, Julia Fenster, they have managed to bridge relationships with political leadership as well as learn some of the key principles of successful organizing.  Their goal is to continue to educate and empower soon-to-be and first-time voters on issues impacting gun violence, learn about the political process and empower them to make their voices heard at the polls to elect representatives that would support sensible gun reform.  “We have a responsibility as adult advocates and activists to work with and support our young people. If we want real change in this country it will require not only changes in legislation and leadership, but also a fundamental cultural shift and that begins with our youth.” said Fenster.

To find MFOL- LI on Instagram – go to

To sign up for their text service – text @mfolli to 81010

To find MFOL-LI on Facebook go to –

Youth Leadership Team includes:
*Founder and Lead Organizer – Avalon Fenster (16 year old HS Sophmore at Stony Brook School)
*Operations and Production Lead – Sara Frawley (17 year old HS Junior at Huntington HS)
*Political and Legislative Lead – Max Robbins (18 year old senior at Huntington HS)
Their extended team includes; Faith Quashi, Noah Morris, Rachel Moss, and a few others.



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  1. Katarina Mesarovich says:

    Wow! Impressive roster of speakers. Impressive organization.

  2. James Ewing says:

    These are the young energetic voices that could change everything.

  3. Lawrence S. Smith says:

    Thanks for the info David.L=

    On Sat, Jun 2, 2018 at 1:15 PM, Resist and Replace wrote:

    > D. Posnett MD posted: “Gabrielle and James – youth leaders in MFOL at > rally Huntington Rally Huntington Rally Town Hall Project organized at Knox > School If you are like me, you probably don’t know what #MarchForOurLives > has been doing right here in our home towns. I just found” >

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