We Are Not Stuck With Zeldin

Fight Back

East Hampton

May 21, 2018

To the Editor,

I want to live in an America that strives to be the best it can be, an America that does not look backward with blinders on and pine for illusory “good old days,” but an America that looks forward with energy and determination, and the collective will to find solutions to the problems we face.

Immigration, climate change, and gun safety are just some of the challenges confronting us. I have no doubt this country is up to the task, but we need smart, dedicated people working toward common goals, led by a president who is committed to those goals, and a Congress that has the political backbone to do its duty.

While there is no shortage of dedicated people, we are saddled with a president who thinks that building a wall, burning more coal, and kowtowing to the N.R.A. will make America great again, and a Republican-majority Congress that rubber-stamps whatever he does.

We may be stuck with the president (for now), but we are not stuck with Lee Zeldin, who has voted to defund DACA (in 2015), allow coal mining companies to dump waste into streams, and who has received more money in N.R.A. donations than any other current New York representative.

If you want a representative who will fight back against Trump’s regressive policies, vote for a Democrat in November.


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