Zeldin: Trump Apologist Extraordinaire

Published as a Letter to the Editor in The East Hampton Star, 5/10/18

National Disgrace

East Hampton

May 7, 2018

To The Editor:

With his refusal to release his tax returns, taunting of Gold Star families, ridicule of P.O.W.s, derision of the press, attacks on the F.B.I., threats to jail political opponents, demonization of immigrants, defense of neo-Nazis, disrespect for women, and so much else, Donald Trump has demolished many of the standards of decency citizens of this country once expected from their president.

Now he is pushing America toward a full-fledged constitutional crisis. In desperation to hide whatever it is he is hiding, Trump is signaling that he’ll pardon witnesses who may implicate him in crimes, refusing to testify in the investigation into Russian election interference, and maneuvering to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the leadership of the Department of Justice. His lawyers are even suggesting that because he’s the president he cannot commit obstruction of justice, and that he doesn’t have to comply with any subpoenas issued.

If President Trump is allowed to flout the law, as he has already flouted propriety, the safeguards that have protected America from tyranny for over 230 years will be destroyed.

It is a national disgrace that the Republican-controlled Congress is abetting and even encouraging the president to defy the rule of law. But it is a local disgrace that Lee Zeldin, Trump apologist extraordinaire, is our representative in that Congress. With his obsequious defense of anything Trump does or says, Zeldin is mocking all the law-abiding citizens of his district.

In November, the First Congressional District needs to toss Zeldin out of office, and vote for a Democratic representative who will defend our democracy.



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