Saturday Night Massacre Repeat?


Saturday Night Massacre 2018 version?

Contrary to much of the discussion on TV, the raid on Michael Cohen (Trump’s personal lawyer) by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York tells us that

i) Mueller is sticking closely to his mandate

ii) that he has uncovered some potential and serious criminal activity which he has referred to the FBI/DOJ because it is beyond his baileywick

iii) the FBI, the Attorney General  and at least one judge have all found sufficient reason to issue a warrant and conduct the search.

This is a good analysis in the  And this is amusing too.

Clearly some criminal activity has been identified.

At the same time, it looks as though Trump is seriously considering firing people, including Mueller. If that happens, it is time for everyone to take to the streets!

For Eastern Long Island:

If you are not on Eastern Long Island, check this site to find a rally near you:

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