March for our Lives – SAG HARBOR

Today was another huge day with rallies across the country to protest inaction on gun laws and to protest for the very right to go to school without being afraid of being gunned down.

What have we become?  A murderous society in which our children have to remind us to be adults.

CBS covered the rallies in DC and in NYCity:

Powerful speeches by the kids from Parkland.  And Paul McCartney in NYC remembering John Lennon.

Powerful photographs here:

The rally in Sag Harbor was organized by Pierson high school kids.  Perhaps there were 300-400 people marching.  They had two student speakers.  There were scores of students with  great signs.  There was a voter registration desk.  I got 5 people to register (the folks I was with).  There were people getting petition signatures for the Dem. congressional candidates.  I spoke with several students and thanked them.


and some of us were in NYC:


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4 Responses to March for our Lives – SAG HARBOR

  1. James Ewing says:

    Yes it was a great rally in SH. I was struck by the fierce anti-Zeldin sentiments expressed by the young speakers and powerfully enthused by the marchers. And then then the slow peaceful march through town was a clear and definite statement.

  2. Bette Smith says:

    Thanks so much for all the posts, especially the march against guns. Wish we could of been there
    It’s so marvelous to see the young people in this country engaged. Maybe it will inspire the adults to take action.

  3. William A. Simon says:

    All good. thanks for your efforts and posts.


  4. John Hooker says:

    The wording of the placards are superb! Thanks for picture taking.

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