NRA gives FCC Chair a Rifle for Repealing Net Neutrality

Amazing how populist governments almost inevitably do things that go against the interest of the populace – and get away with it.
NRA gives FCC chair, Ajit Pai, a rifle for repealing net neutrality:
The National Rifle Association (NRA) on Friday honored the head of the Federal Communications Commission with a rifle after braving death threats and other opposition as he worked to undo the Obama administration’s 2015 net neutrality rules:
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was honored at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Oxon Hill, Maryland, by the NRA with the “Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award,”
Fight for the Future, a group that backs net neutrality, said in a tweet the NRA gave Pai an award that will “allow Internet service providers to censor websites and information about guns.”
Several corporations have cut ties with the NRA:
Delta Airlines
United Airlines
Best Western
National Pro
FNB Omaha
Norton Online
North American VL
Chubb NA

A Dec 2017 poll found that 83 percent of voters support keeping FCC’s net neutrality rules in place.  Does not look like a winning strategy for the NRA/Rep. party.

And Rep. Lee Zeldin?  He does not want Net Neutrality  and he most certainly loves the NRA and supports their talking points on mass shootings. Just check out his voting record.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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1 Response to NRA gives FCC Chair a Rifle for Repealing Net Neutrality

  1. James Ewing says:

    Thank you for keeping us on top of all these one after the other extraordinary
    awfulness coming out of these people. Now its mind control at the point of a gun.

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