Dreamer Rally at Zeldin’s office

About 100 people rallied in front of Zeldin’s office in Patchogue in support of Dreamers and a clean DACA bill on Feb 6.  The rally was organized by Bend The Arc and co-sponsored by many local groups including R&R. Six Dem. candidates vying to run against Lee Zeldin were all present at the rally in support of the Dreamers and the activists (see pictures below).




Unknown-11Brendon Henry on the left (candidate)

Unknown-5Kate Browning (candidate)

Unknown-4Perry Gershon wearing the blue baseball cap (candidate)

Unknown-3David Pechefsky (candidate)

Unknown-1Vivian Viloria Fisher (candidate)

Also present was Bruce Miller (candidate) – no photo taken.

Check out the video on Facebook !

And these videos too:




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6 Responses to Dreamer Rally at Zeldin’s office

  1. James Ewing says:

    Really good effort, all of you. Sorry to have missed it. JE

  2. amyturner2000 says:

    Well done–thank you!!

  3. Stephen Ring says:

    Keep up the pressure, Zeldin and Trump must go.

  4. jtmarlinnyc says:

    Great signs!! Dreamers in, Zeldin out.

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  5. Marc Rauch says:

    Glad Kate showed up.

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