The Dark Side of SOTU


Yoda, we need you!

So perhaps you think that President Trump’s State of the Union was ‘presidential’ and his speach reached across the isle?  If so, you would be joining a majority of viewers according to some polls.

But here is the dark side!

David Duke comments on the SOTU speach:

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.15.03 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.18.09 PM


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.19.16 PM.png


And David Duke is not alone:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) invited notorious right-wing internet troll and Holocaust denier Charles Johnson to be his guest at President Trump’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, according to a Daily Beast report.

Gaetz and Johnson gave conflicting accounts of how Johnson came to be Gaetz’s guest. The Florida congressman, who has played a leading role in pushing the conspiracy theory that the “deep state” is out to undermine Trump, said he doesn’t know Johnson. Gaetz said Johnson used one of his SOTU tickets only after his father fell ill and couldn’t go. But Johnson told the Daily Beast that he and Gaetz were introduced by another member of Congress, and that he “took Gaetz’s invitation” because “he’s into stuff on the issues that I care about.”

Johnson was permanently banned from Twitter after he posted a tweet in 2015 soliciting donations from people to “take out” activist DeRay McKesson, who at the time was in the news because of his support for Black Lives Matter.

On Reddit, Johnson once argued that the number of Jews in the Holocaust was much less than the accepted number of six million. He also questioned the existence of gas chambers, writing, “I agree with David Cole about Auschwitz and the gas chambers not being real. Why were their swimming pools there if it was a death camp?”

On GotNews, he’s referred to an alleged mob of Hispanic men protesting a Trump rally as “savages,”has repeatedly referred to Black Live Matter supporters as “thugs” and posted numerous stories alleging criminal acts by people he claims were affiliated with BLM. He’s also appeared on a podcast hosted by The Right Stuff, a proudly and profoundly anti-Semitic show hosted by white nationalist Mike Enoch.

It’s not surprising that Johnson’s fondness for conspiracy theories wouldn’t bother Gaetz. Earlier this week, Gaetz joined the show of America’s foremost conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, to tout a conspiracy theory about purported “deep state” efforts to undermine President Trump.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.30.08 PM.png

Are these your bed fellows Rep. Lee Zeldin?


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1 Response to The Dark Side of SOTU

  1. I found President Trump’s State of the Union speech more bull from a bullshit person. I find that if you look at the many lists out there, of all the programs we have fought for, and that make the country great, healthy, and happy, he has taken away and/ or is in the process of taking away from “we the people” everything and it is unacceptable, and stupid, and cruel. This man is not going to make this country great again, he is going to poison our water and air, kill off all of our wildlife, destroy our oceans and our ocean life, starve the country’s senior citizens, bankrupt us, start a nuclear war, alienate all of our allies, make healthcare unaffordable for all people, stop scientists from developing new drugs to cure old ails, stop all our govt agency’s from doing what is best for the people, like the EPA (that the stupid, scared SCOTT Pruitt). There is more: like gun control, allowing children to bring guns to school, does not believe in climate change, he wants to bring back coal. For no good reason. Stoping ‘Meals On Wheels’. For no good reason. And soon no one in the military will want to protect us as he does not make them feel protected or appreciated. So, there is more, everyday there is more. I will end now with “IMPEACH him now” or we will all suffer in the long run if we are still here.

    And NO, I do not approve of his State of The Union speech.

    Arline Gidion, 11937

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