Zeldin Makes Excuses for Trump

Published as a letter to the editor in The East Hampton Star, Jan. 25

Despicable World View

East Hampton

January 22, 2018

To the Editor,

When President Trump denigrated Haiti and Africa with his comments, Lee Zeldin tweeted that the president “wasn’t elected for his ability to be politically correct,” and that, “I’m not here to call for the President’s mouth to be washed out with soap.”

Once again, our representative misses the point entirely. It’s not the vulgarity of the comments that is so disturbing (although one hopes eventually we’ll have a president who respects the dignity of the office and acts accordingly), it’s the breathtaking, mind-numbing ignorance of such a despicable worldview.

I look forward to the day when America reclaims its sanity and becomes once more a country that, while not perfect, strives to be generous in spirit, steadfast in its freedoms, and secure in its role as the world’s moral leader.

That day will come only when Trump is voted out of office. In the meantime, let’s send an unmistakable message. In November, vote Lee Zeldin out of office. We deserve a representative who holds the president accountable for his words and actions, not one who makes excuses.



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