Glenn Simpson Transcript: Summary


Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Thomson Reuters

One of us has actually read the Glenn Simpson transcript! Mr. Simpson is the man behind an explosive dossier — produced at his firm, Fusion GPS, with a former British spy, Christopher Steele — outlining possible connections between the president, his associates and Russian officials.


John Tepper Marlin reports:

Here is a guide of what is actually in the transcript released by Diane Feinstein!

It’s very readable. It covers some of the same ground as the book Fire & Fury, but it is much more scientifically sound.
Here are a couple of notes I took:
Pages 1-66 – groundwork for the interview
Page 67 – Felix Sater (not mentioned again) and other Russians.
Page 68 – Prevezon, mentioned again p 136
Page 70 – Trump seemed to be okay with organized crime, Italian or Russian (very different)
Page 71 – Trump claims to be poor on his tax forms for federal state and local govts.
Page 73 – Law suit in Scotland revealing
Page 77 – Trump gets its goods for its branded products from sweatshops
Pages 80-95 – Chris Steele, what he reported, old MI5 hand.
Pages 96-136 – Lots of Russians. One after the other.
The entire document is 311 pages!
You can also read the whole thing here.
Or you can use the New York Times interactive version here.

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  1. Hi, David, actually the whole thing is 311 pages long. I took a break after 136 pages. I recommend the New York Times interactive version, at, which allows one to move around the document more easily than in the version that the Judiciary Committee released. The good news is that this transcript is a free substitute for the “Fire & Fury” book that has sold more than a million copies.

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