Keep Bannon out of New York

This demonstration is tomorrow Thursday on Park Ave and 47th in front of the offices of Wayne Berman, one of the hosts of Zeldin’s fundraiser with Bannon.   The location may change in the last minute – keep checking this Facebook site:

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On December 14, Steve Bannon will be in NYC fundraising for Rep. Lee Zeldin. It’s Bannon’s first fundraiser for a House Representative, and we have to show up big if we’re going to make it his last.

After Steve Bannon was ousted from the White House (we helped do that!), he set his sights on Congress with a plan to elect extremists who support Trump and his white supremacist agenda.

We need to make it clear that Steve Bannon and his white supremacist agenda are NOT welcome in New York or in Congress.

Help us bring our message to Rep. Lee Zeldin and every Member of Congress: if they’re willing to threaten our communities by giving a platform to Steve Bannon’s hateful agenda for their own political gain, we’re going to do everything in our power to hold them accountable.

Share and invite your friends, and sign our petition:

More details to be announced!

CO-SPONSORS: Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Show Up LI, Let’s Visit Lee Zeldin, Suffolk Progressives, Resist and Replace, Long Island Progressive Coalition, PEER/NYPAN: Progressive East End Reformers, Resist Here, T’ruah, United Through Action/Flip Long Island, Make the Road New York, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice [JFREJ]

I would add:
As Doug Jones in Alabama proved yesterday and summed up by Michael Steele on MSNBC:
Prepare you signs/banners (but don’t mount them on sticks or poles).
Ideas for signs:
When you lie down with fleas
No Hate in NY State
Zeldin is a Bannon puppet
Zeldin is a Trump puppet
Zeldin: Alt right Jew ???
Zeldin: siding with Alt Right
We are coming for you Lee Zeldin
Toxic Lee has the Bannon Virus
Peter King on Bannon:

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