Zeldin – Bannon Alliance


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CONTACT: Mara Gerstein: mgfightclub@gmail.com or Victoria Glynn
Coalition of Groups Launch Petition to Demand Lee Zeldin Disinvite Steve Bannon From
Upcoming NYC Fundraiser

Suffolk County and New York, NY – New York City and Long Island residents and activist
organizations are planning coordinated actions between now and Lee Zeldin’s December 14th fundraiser in New York City to protest his headline speaker, Steve Bannon.

Steve Bannon proudly foments hatred against immigrants, Muslims, people of color, women, the poor, and Jews. As a member of Trump’s inner circle and executive chairman of Breitbart, Steve Bannon’s platform and strategy empowered the white supremacists who violently took to the streets in Charlottesville. Now, removed from the White House, Bannon is focused on electing extremists to Congress who support Trump and a white supremacist agenda. By hosting Bannon, Congressman Zeldin is declaring that he wants to be part of that plan too.

Jewish social justice organization, Bend the Arc, in collaboration with several New York activist groups, launched a petition to demand that Lee Zeldin immediately disinvite Bannon from his December 14 fundraiser.

You can read and sign the petition here:  http://www.weveseenthisbefore.org/zeldin_dump_bannon

The groups are also planning protests as part of a coordinated response.
Congressional District 1 resident Amy Turner said,” Zeldin says he represents the needs of our diverse district yet he is willing to align himself with Bannon’s white supremacist agenda. We will not allow him to infect our district and the City of New York with his message of hate.”

Rabbi Jan Uhrbach, rabbi of a congregation in Lee Zeldin’s district, said “I’m sickened that Zeldin is aligning himself with Bannon and the divisiveness and bigotry he fuels. During the high holiday season, I stood in the wind and rain outside Lee Zeldin’s office alongside Jews and allies to blast the shofar. I said these words to Zeldin:  ‘You cannot include Nazis and White Supremacists as part of your coalition and not be complicit in their hate and violence. It’s that simple.’”


This is national news that is spreading virally!

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