Election Results: Much Still Needs to be Done

Like me, I am sure you were thrilled with the results from this past Election Day.

Our big wins in the Governors Mansions in New Jersey and Virginia were clear, first  signs that the Trump agenda can be rolled back.  Our gains in state houses across the country will provide us with a new generation of progressives who can lead us and provide votes to expand Medicaid, pass sensible gun laws and make sure we remain an inclusive and tolerant society.

But the success was not limited to our neighboring states.  The Suffolk County legislature remained in Democratic hands.  Riverhead’s long time Republican supervisor was upset and, for the first time, Riverhead has a female Supervisor.   And finally, Tim Sini was elected to bring much needed reform the Suffolk DA’s office.

But much work needs to be done.

The clear lesson is Republicans in suburban, educated areas are in peril.  While we had a nice Election Day, Democrats did lose town wide races in Brookhaven, Southold and Smithtown.

We still need to engage our neighbors who share our views, but do not vote regularly.  Our votes are here; we just need to communicate with our neighbors on issues they care about.  And we need to do it now and not wait for October of an election year.

Taking Action for Suffolk County is doing exactly this.  Through voter engagement, direct mail and direct appeals, they are marshaling our base to go to the polls.

Tuesday was a successful first step.  But next election day is a true test.  We will have the ability to send to Congress a person who will stand up to the excesses of Trumpism and once again ensure that Long Islanders have access to health care, can pay for college and make our economy vibrant.

All the best.

Bryan Erwin
Founder, Taking Action for Suffolk County

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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