Zeldin Squirming on Tax Bill



Submitted by a friend:
Hear hear.  Let them persist !

I’m starting to really like Pete King.  The Senate tax bill is going to completely eliminate the property tax deduction and the state/local income tax deduction.  The House bill retains a 10k deduction for prop tax.  This tax bill issue will become a crisis for Zeldin. If he votes in favor, he screws his constituents, if he votes no, he blows up his relationship with GOP leadership and Trump.   I hear his squirming already.  The Resistance groups need to be all over Zeldin on this.
“[Representative Peter] King [R-NY], who opposes the bill as written, rejected the idea that Republicans, above all else, must pass a tax bill so they can show a major accomplishment. ‘How can you vote for tax reform if it’s going to increase the taxes in your district?’ Mr. King asked, suggesting lawmakers would have to say: ‘Great victory! We got the first tax reform through in 30 years. Your taxes are going up, but it’s O.K. because we got it through. People will think you’re nuts,’ Mr. King said.”

 –    New York Times, 11/8/2017

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2 Responses to Zeldin Squirming on Tax Bill

  1. bcolbath42 says:

    Let’s not get carried away here. Peter King has a loathsome record on the environment, women’s rights, guns and on and on. That he might ultimately oppose a ruinous tax bill as a fop to his district happens to be just as loathsome. The DCCC just put his district (CD2) on its hit list.

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