Eight Turncoat NY State Senators

Want to know why New York can’t fix the MTA, have same day voter registration, and enact real campaign finance reform? There’s one big reason: The Independent “Democratic” Conference, also known as the IDC.
The IDC is a group of eight New York State Senators who run for office as Democrats, but work with the Republicans to block progressive legislation. Along with “Democrat” Senator Felder, who caucuses with the Republicans, these Senators hand control to the Republican minority. This is fundamentally corrupt and must change.
Many of the IDC’s constituents vote for them thinking they’re sending good Democrats to Albany, not realizing their Senators are keeping Republicans in control. We want to change that – and we need your help.
In the next two months, we’re educating constituents across New York state about the unethical IDC.
Contribute $3 now and help us boost this Facebook ad to let constituents living in IDC districts know who is really representing them.
Zephyr Teachout, Anti-Corruption League

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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1 Response to Eight Turncoat NY State Senators

  1. Lawrence S. Smith says:

    Finally the Gov. has entered the fight against this fake Dems…Either they vote Dem orf he’ll take ytheir special plates away from them…Seriously he was angry..finally…why

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