EXCLUSIVE: Brookhaven Town Clerk Violates Ethics Code? (Part 3)

Background CheckFiles 4

By J.Gavron and A.Turner
This Exclusive Report investigates Brookhaven Town Clerk, Donna Lent, who’s running for reelection on Nov. 7th. Get the facts on Lent before you vote. 
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Did you know….

  • Donna Lent violated the clear language of Brookhaven’s Code of Ethics
  • Donna Lent used Brookhaven email for work on behalf of her other job


When Donna Lent says the Brookhaven Town Clerk is “frequently considered the center of town government,” she’s absolutely right. The Clerk is Public Relations Officer, Recording Secretary, Custodian of all Town records, Registrar of Vital Statistics, and FOIL Appeals Officer. Her office supports the Town Supervisor and Town Council. As Filing Officer, Lent maintains records of town ordinances, local laws, annual budgets, fiscal reports, subpoenas and court actions, zoning ordinances and maps. And she manages a staff of 35 employees, according to Newsday.

Although you won’t see it on her LinkedIn page, Lent has another job. Since 2011 she has been an officer of the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC) and, since 2015, its President. Lent’s position carries significant responsibilities that include overseeing an eight-member board, local chapters in more than 25 states, and the NWPC Foundation.

Given Lent’s extensive responsibilities as National NWPC president, Background Check took a closer look at whether she was conducting NWPC business on the taxpayer’s dime (and time). Here’s what we found.

Donna Lent used Brookhaven Town computers and email servers to conduct NWPC business and in doing so appears to have violated the plain language of the Brookhaven’s Town Code of Ethics and Disclosure, section 28-8, which states the following:

“Town officers are prohibited from using “Town property, including . . . computers, internet, email, telephones, materials and any other town property, for personal convenience or profit.”

Here’s the evidence

Email #1: Lent instructed NWPC members to contact her at her Brookhaven Town Clerk email address.

BC3_email 1

Email #2: Lent sent an official NWPC tax document from her Brookhaven Town Clerk email address.

 BC3 email2

Email #3: Lent sent an email concerning a NWPC agreement from her Brookhaven Town Clerk email address.

BC3 email3.png

Email #4: Donna Lent, as Chief Deputy Clerk, sent an email containing comments on a NWPC press release from her official Brookhaven email address.

BC3 email4

Stay tuned. Background Check has filed a FOIL request seeking any other emails concerning NWPC business sent from Donna Lent’s official Brookhaven email address.

Here are our sources:







In case you missed it, read Background Check: Donna Lent (Part 1)


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2 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Brookhaven Town Clerk Violates Ethics Code? (Part 3)

  1. bcolbath42 says:

    Rhetorically, why isn’t this woman in jail?

  2. turncd1blue says:

    Rhetorically, future Background Check?

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