Short Hospital Stocks!


I have been waiting for this:  Wall street is jittery about Hospital stocks.  Here is why:

(1) Investors are approaching hospital stocks cautiously

As  Les Masterson   has said:

“Some unfavorable financial trends and an air of uncertainty for healthcare’s future has led to an environment not particularly friendly for major investment…as hospitals continue to struggle with fewer inpatient admissions, lower reimbursements and potential increases in uncompensated care, investors are growing wary”

“The current environment caused disappointing second quarters and lower earnings projections for major for-profit systems like HCA, Community Health Systems (CHS) and Tenet Healthcare…. The results led stock prices to tumble.”

(2) Hospital Sector Slides:

The Financial Times notes that US hospital operators‘ stock prices are sliding down  following a report that President Donald Trump will sign an executive order this week to withdraw some insurance requirements laid out under Obamacare. Tenet Healthcare, Community Health Systems, Surgery Partners, HCA Healthcare, DaVita shares tumbled losing up to 10% in stock prices.

(3) some are suggesting “Checking in on the Canadian Healthcare Stocks  Ha!

I wonder whether Donald Trump and the rest of his cronies have already sold their healthcare stocks?  And how about Lee Zeldin’s “concern” (?) about the hospitals in Suffolk county.  It is the biggest sector of the local economy.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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2 Responses to Short Hospital Stocks!

  1. mikeann919 says:

    There is that tension between remaining financially viable based on an inpatient model and the thrust to get as much done on an outpatient basis as well as shorter inpt stays

  2. Yes @mikeann919. In the meantime, patients and their caregivers have no say! It is all about how to make a profit! That is why free markets can not apply to healthcare.

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