Shame on Zeldin–Again!

Representative Lee Zeldin should be ashamed of himself. That’s what his constituents declared back in May at their “Shame on Zeldin” protest on his AHCA vote.

And now, in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shootings, others have joined that chorus.

A recent editorial in The Forward shames Lee Zeldin—one of two Jewish Republican members of Congress—for accepting money from the NRA and voting so consistently with gun interests to have earned an A rating from the NRA. (In fact, Zeldin has accepted more money from the NRA than any other New York representative).

The massacre in Las Vegas has apparently prompted no soul searching on Zeldin’s part. Instead, he has issued his version of a “thoughts and prayers” statement, and chastised gun control advocates for making arguments he considers ineffective.

The editorial’s author, Jane Eisen, urges us not to let Zeldin off the hook:

“Don’t be distracted. My calls and emails to Zeldin’s and Kustoff’s congressional offices were not returned as of this writing. Contact them yourself. Let them know that they should be ashamed of accepting even a dime of this bloodied money.” (Emphasis added).

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