United Against Hate Rally

Submitted by Amy Turner:

The  #unitedagainsthate rally took place on 7/28/17 across from the entrance to the Suffolk County Community College, Brentwood campus. Unfortunately we never saw Trump’s arrival, but that didn’t dampen the crowd’s spirits. I heard a crowd size estimate of 400, but it could have been larger. Thankfully, the protestors were incredibly diverse in age, race, ethnicity, issue of concern, and hometown, etc. The LGBTQ community had a large presence (motivated no doubt by the trans ban), as did a national group, refusefascism.org, whose members (mostly young people of color at this rally) are dedicated to “driving out the Trump/Pence regime.” The crowd also included a Latino group fighting to keep the temporary worker visa and members of most of CD-1’s anti-Zeldin groups. Pro-Trump protestors numbered from 20 to 90 tops. I must say it was gratifying to chant back at them: “Lock him up!” Of course, the highlight came after the rally, on MSNBC, as Zeldin struggled through an interview with Chris Hayes about Trump’s speech, advocating roughing up of suspects by police and referring to Long Island as “blood-stained killing fields.”.

If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out to remind yourself of Zeldin’s incompetence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N-J6vbQvRk

And this article has a transcript of the most embarrassing LZ pronouncments. http://ijr.com/the-response/2017/07/934190-republican-congressman-invites-tourists-come-enjoy-blood-stained-killing-fields/

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