Block a disastrous health care vote in the U.S Senate

From:  Mike Anthony

The Republican leadership in the U.S. Senate is about to unveil a bill that, with a few tweaks and camouflage, is pretty much just like the House-passed bill eviscerating Obamacare. The Senate bill is so bad that they’ve had 13 white guys drafting it secretly behind closed doors. The Leadership plans to pressure Republicans into voting for the bill in the Senate next week.


We can stop this train wreck if three or more Republican senators vote “no” on the bill or oppose having the Senate vote at all on such a major bill affecting every American family and one sixth of the U.S. economy – a bill that has been contrived in secret without the usual open and deliberative process of committee hearings, public input, and transparent consideration.


It appears there are four undecided Senators who are the most promising prospects to oppose if persuaded by public pressure from constituents and other concerned citizens and four more Senators who for various reasons might oppose. But the reality is that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is making all kinds of backroom deals to get undecided Republicans on board. Unless public opposition from our side is overwhelming there’s a good chance McConnell will succeed in getting an up-or-down vote and winning that vote.


I urge you to call the offices of the following eight Senators asking that they oppose voting on this or any other major health bill unless there first are a transparent process, real committee hearings, public input, and careful deliberation and refinement – or whatever message and words feel most natural to you.


Shelley Moore Capito (WV)    202-224-6472

Susan Collins (ME)      202-244-2523

Lisa Murkowski (AK)   202-224-6665

Bill Cassidy (LA)          202-224-5824


Tom Cotton (AR)         202-224-2353

Jeff Flake (AZ)            202-224-4521

Dean Heller (NV)        202-224-6244

Marco Rubio (FL)        202-224-3041



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