Jared Kushner solves government’s technology problems by reading his book report

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My report is on Moby Dick. Moby Dick was a whale and he was mean, so my dad went to fight him. I stopped reading after a while but I think he had superpowers or something.

Among the now uncountably large list of government functions Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner is now in charge of, for some reason: our government’s “technology.” Something about it, anyway. It’s unclear. The job seems to entail throwing a lot of buzzwords at the wall and seeing what sticks.

But Jared’s first real foray into the world of being an administration-approved public speaker did not go well, so we suspect the White House won’t be doing that again.

Kushner is not a very impressive speaker. He’s reciting his speech like a sixth grader, not like a White House aide who actually knows what he’s talking about.But put that aside. It’s the content that’s appalling. Kushner burbles about heading up the Office of American Innovation, which has “empowered interagency teams” that are “analyzing and auditing current infrastructure.” They have discovered that the government operates 6,100 data centers, the “vast majority” of which can be migrated to the cloud.

That sounds like quite the audit! Of course, I was able to come up with the same information in about five minutes by hopping over to the GAO website:

Whichever Team Trump hangers-on wrote Jared’s speech are evidently from the same team that writes Donald Trump’s speeches, and have similar faith in their charge when it comes to understanding or retaining information. As is now commonplace with Trump himself, Jared here isn’t describing a new government initiative—he’s describing an old government initiative, but giving himself and his own team credit for it. If Jared and his team at any point did more research on the matter than simply sitting around a table googling federal websites, it isn’t evident in their efforts.

Well, at least Jared is now free to more fully focus on his other administration efforts, like bringing peace to the Middle East and solving the nation’s opioid epidemic. Surely at least one of these intractable problems can be brought to heel with the equivalent of a high school book report.

NB.  This is a pretty good synopsis of Jared’s presentation.

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