Alexandria Shooting

From my friend S:
One can only hope that this horrible shooting results in some tampering down of the D.C. vitriol.  From my perspective, Trump unleashed this intense anger and permission to spew uncivil rhetoric. Trump started by using the debates to debase participants, calling them names. Exactly when did that become an acceptable debate technique? And now, we will have to abide the debate about “gun control” versus “Congress should be allowed to carry guns”. Really, have we returned to the Wild West?
I am not interested in living in a country where everyone is free to carry a gun. It’s simply uncivilized. How did we arrive at this awful crossroads?
And a day later:
I’m no Pollyanna and know that the professed unity of Democrats & Republicans in the face of the awful events at yesterday’s baseball practice will be short lived & some cracks are already evident.
However, in a small but revealing way, Jake Tapper had a joint interview with Pelosi and Ryan, who spoke of their respect for each other and personal anecdotes concerning their families. Americans need to see more of these insightful moments of the humanity between opponents and how they respect and are respectful of each other.
Someone like Sean Hannity should be forced to watch the Pelosi/Ryan interview multiple times. Even perhaps the McConnel and Schumer interview. In my memory, politicians have never before underscored their ability to work together rather than the animosity resulting from their differences of opinion. I watched some of Hannity’s program last evening, my first time ever, & was struck at how he spews hateful views and ideas.
This may not last, but it’s helpful and a modest step forward. Something struck a chord and this kumbaya moment, no matter how short, is valuable.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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