Offshore Drilling on the Horizon?

Published in The East Hampton Star

Re: Letter to the Editor: Offshore Drilling on the Horizon?


Dear David:

On Sunday, Guild Hall hosted a program concerned with the preservation of the waters surrounding the East End. Flanked by scientists supporting their efforts, Deputy Town Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc and County Legislator Bridget Fleming spoke of their accomplishments in and plans for protecting our marine environment. These efforts have been effective and, at this very moment, the work of our dedicated government could not be more important.

This week, after weeks of publicity, Mr. Trump will sign an executive order designed to rescind regulations adopted by the Obama administration banning offshore oil and gas drilling in dozens of canyons off the East Coast in an area extending from New England to Virginia. Mr. Trump’s order does the bidding of the fossil fuel interests by potentially making these areas open to offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling. The devastating spill in the Gulf of Mexico, caused by the negligence of the oil industry, offers a stark picture of the potential catastrophe posed by drilling off our coast.

Where are our congressmen? In the pockets of the fossil fuel interests. In February, both Lee Zeldin (our Congressman) and Peter King (from neighboring Nassau County) voted to allow coal mining companies to dump toxic coal residue in neighboring waterways. This is despite Mr. Zeldin’s empty boast to “work tirelessly … to protect our national treasures.” And, despite a promise to “protect Long Island’s waterways,” Mr. Zeldin has sat stone-faced in the face of Trump’s highly publicized intentions. And, this is despite his crowing about the need to protect the fishing industry. Yet to stand up to Mr. Trump, we should all expect Mr. Zeldin to cave to the fossil fuel industry (read donation dollars) and put our shoreline, and fishing industry, in peril.

The new GOP team that would like to govern our town also has failed to voice any opposition to Mr. Trump’s proposal, despite cloaking themselves in the garb of environmentalists. So, one can only assume by their silence they, too, are sycophants to the dictates of oil and gas interests. By their silence, we should also assume that their professed interest in environmental issues and the fishing industry is nothing more than political posturing.

I can think of no greater threat to our tourism and fishing industries, not to mention real estate values, than the sight of oil rigs on the horizon from our beaches or the devastation to the fishing grounds from an oil spill of any size.

Thankfully, there already is a group protecting our beautiful communities – It is the current Town Board (and Ms. Fleming). Trust what they have done as opposed to what the wannabes say. Actions do speak louder than words – or silence.


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6 Responses to Offshore Drilling on the Horizon?

  1. Judith H. Hope says:

    An excellent letter! It’s tragic that the main stream media doesn’t do justice to the urgency of such issues. But thank goodness dedicated individuals do!

  2. Gale Fieldman says:

    Trump and Zeldin got substantial support from members of the Montauk fishing industry. It may be time for those supporters to wake up to what they may now face and make their opposition known. Off shore drilling east of Montauk would be a far greater disaster than the windmills they now oppose.

  3. Mike Anthony says:

    Great letter. Zeldin is a phony.

  4. Susan McGraw Keber says:

    This is an excellent letter! Thank you again for speaking out. Offshore drilling has proven time and again to be dangerous and extremely deleterious to our marine life and ocean waters. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Trump’s efforts to disband the EPA is all about profit and nothing to do with doing what is right for our environment in the long term.

  5. Susan McGraw Keber says:

    Link to Biological Diversity. Call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and Congressman Zeldin

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