No, I didn’t choose to have a pre-existing condition

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As Republicans and allies take to twitter and Facebook today to argue for the disaster that is TrumpCare, a common thread has popped up. In comment forum after comment forum, Republican posters argue that this is a non-issue because people had a choice. A choice, that is, to have a pre-existing condition.

So, to the Reagan Battalion, I have to ask: what about me? Was it my fault? Was I careless to get mugged and stabbed? Is it my fault that for the rest of my life I will get frequent scans when I have migraines and be in a high-risk group for problems?

If you believe that adults had a choice, can you tell me at what point my son, born with a disability will “grow out of it” or make a bad choice to continue being disabled? Maybe I can stop it. I’ll let you know if he has a choice to stop being disabled ibefore he becomes an adult.

Maybe, in fact, we should talk about the recent claim by Republicans that “oh, our bill makes sure they can’t deny you..” while doing absolutely nothing to prevent insurance companies from pricing you out of coverage.

“It only hurts people who miss consecutive coverage” .. so, younger people who age off of parent’s policies, the unemployed, many women post divorce, those kinds of people? It only hurts those kinds of people. Got it.

Maybe it’s fun to say they should be insured at all for their pre-existing conditions. Maybe, in fact, it is their fault.

Born into a poor family?  Have a seizure disorder or diabetes or any other birth condition? Well, screw you, you are pretty well worthless. It’s your fault. We as a society have decided you deserve to be poor in exchange for staying alive.

Listening to Republicans discuss healthcare today, I realized several things:

Adults can choose pre-existing conditions or not.  So, I should have hope my son will grow out of his disabilities from birth, and I hope at that point he will choose to not be disabled.

I learned maybe I was at fault for getting mugged with a ball bat.  I apparently had a choice in inheriting that pre-existing condition.

Women who divorce their spouses and have a lapse in coverage? Well, that’s all their fault too.

While Republicans have taken to the internet with idiotic clap trap, too often our fellow Progressives have decided now is the moment to go on the attack, against ACA. Do we all want better? Sure. But the round fire attack with statements implying we should score political points by pushing Universal Care at this moment before we have fought this all the way through the senate comes across to many Americans like kicking us when we are down.

There are millions of Americans right now terrified about what happens next — I’m one of them. I don’t want to hear rants about Obama not getting the right thing on ACA, how this is the time for Universal Care, whatever.

In the long term, I may want those things … but for people like me, using us as political pawns to score points right now?  Please don’t.  Please, please don’t.

We fight now. We fight with everything we have to stop any version of this monstrosity. And if our party starts pushing the idea that “well, we should start over with something else…”  I’d remind those members: you promised us you’d fight for us every step of the way. We are at risk now. Trapped in a sinking car.

Rescue us first before you move on to anything else. That’s all we ask.

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