Zeldin Attacks East Hampton Star!

On WLNG, a Sag Harbor Radio talk show, you can hear Rep. Lee Zeldin express his opinion of the East Hampton Star!   In the last 7 minutes of the LNG call-in, Zeldin makes his comments on the Star: it is “biased” and “partisan” and he doesn’t read it… “it’s not even journalism!”

Well….  the East Hampton Star has a long tradition of publishing all letters to the editor they receive.  If the majority of the letters are critical of Trump/Zeldin, it reflects (a) the results of the 2016 election where some 60% of voters in East Hampton town voted against Zeldin/Trump, and (b) a ground-swell of anti-Trump resistance, unlike anything Mr. Zeldin and his supporters have ever seen before, and it is only getting stronger with every executive order coming from the White House with applause from Mr. Zeldin.  If they need a historical primer on resistance movements they could check here!

In striking contrast to Mr. Zeldin’s disdain of the East Hampton Star, he seems to be quite at ease with Breitbart! That organization is infamous for the distribution of fake news and “alternative facts” and has been designated a major node in the fake news ecosystem!  Lee Zeldin does not seem to have a problem with Breitbart news, or vice versa! He has been covered or mentioned in 34 posted articles on their website.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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