Zeldin’s Deception on Health Care

Email to Rep. Lee Zeldin from Bruce Colbath:

Mr. Zeldin:  I just read an article in the Riverhead press concerning your position, or lack thereof, on the AHCA.  Why are you repeating the GOP mantra that the CBO opined that premiums would go down by 10% by 2026?  The premium decrease is based on  what the CBO predicts the premiums would be under “existing law”, namely the ACA.  You’re practicing deception, pure and simple.

Fundamentally, there is no humane reason for any elected official to support this bill.  It will devastate health care in this country, and particularly in CD1.  If you will not vote your conscience and protect your constituents, but plan to do as Mr. Trump and Mr. Ryan ask,  I can only hope that you pay for this in November 2018.



This added by David Posnett MD as per this link.

cost of HC premiums

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4 Responses to Zeldin’s Deception on Health Care

  1. John Hooker says:

    Here’s something else to read that corrects the impression that Republicans are peddling about their AHCA. The Republicans and Mr. Zeldin are saying that premiums diminish by 10% on average in 2026. If you compare apples with apples, as a study from the Brookings Institution did, it will actually go up by 13% on average. (There’s a chart showing this too). Please read the article in Business Insider by Josh Barro, March 16, 2017. It will tell you this: “For a given customer, buying a plan that provides a given level of benefits, premiums are expected to be on average 13% higher under the AHCA than under Obamacare, using the CBO’s assumptions about premiums overall.
    That’s according to a new analysis from Brookings Institution scholars Matt Fielder and Loren Adler.”

  2. charles anthony says:

    thank you for the information.

    Trump care is fraught with sweetners and deceptive oversights.
    Such out right privatization of health care services leaves us all subject to market conditions…for greed.
    With Trumpcare big pharma has to move over and make room for the raid on the publics’ treasury.

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