Anti-immigrant EO at a local level

Submitted By Gale Fieldman:

As an attorney and resident of a section of East Hampton with a large immigrant population I am extremely concerned about what appears to be the willingness of local officials to employ extra judicial enforcement of Mr. Trump’s anti immigrant executive orders.
The following issues must be addressed:

1.     Will law enforcement detain individuals without warrants solely based upon their appearance absent any evidence  of their criminal activity as was done in Arizona with disastrous results?

2.     What is the definition of “criminal activity” for the purpose of this order? Are law officers left to their own devices to make such a definition since none has been offered to date, even by “Tweet”.

3.     Will minor traffic violations be elevated to the level of criminal activity, contrary to New York law, as a pretext for detention of individuals who appear to be immigrants?

4.     Will law enforcement seek legal support under Attorney General Schneiderman’s guidelines for noncompliance with  the executive order? Local authorities must consider the considerable cost of legal action they will inevitably incur should they  attempt to comply with this executive order which is extremely unpopular among many of your constituencies. The executive order offers no financial aide to compensate  local governments for such litigation costs.

5.     Will law enforcement resources in our communities be side tracked away from their real duties to implement an arbitrary  partisan political policy that has not been vetted,  reviewed or even clearly defined by any federal, state or local legislative body?

Our communities and our law enforcement personnel deserve answers to these questions before  this policy can be constitutionally implemented.


About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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1 Response to Anti-immigrant EO at a local level

  1. Larry Smith says:

    As a co-chair of the ABTF of the town, I had a meeting with Chief Sarlo about 2 months ago…I personally feel that the Chief’s is of the best of intentions and will do the right thing especially in the area of Civil and Human rights BUT I also think it appropriate to invite the Chief to a meeting and ask him these very questions. It is important for him to know that the community will support him and that we will also hold him accountable. He usually attends meetings of the Anti-Bias Task Force (1st Wednesday of the month at Town Hall 4PM). but not always because of conflicting scheduling concerns. or
    you may want to have him to a special meeting of our group to answer questions that we have for him. Larry=

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