Suggested Script for Calling Your Senators

Hi all,

Here is a script that you can copy and paste into emails to all our Democratic Senators. The call to action from Indivisible was for us to thank our senators for what they are doing and to ask them to do even more by resisting. I have included a link to our Senate Democrats. Please circulate to family and friends around the country as Senate offices will only respond to their own constituents.

Thank you!

Hello, my name is __________________ and I am writing from _____________ to share my concerns about President Trump’s odious Executive Order to halt refugee admissions and ban citizens from several Muslim countries from entering the U.S.
I urge you to halt ANY and ALL Senate business until this hateful ban is lifted. That means committing to withhold consent on Senate business, including scheduling votes on nominees, until the ban has been lifted, and committing to filibuster any bill that comes to the floor UNLESS it’s a bill dedicated to ending this ban. This ban is a threat to civil rights, fundamental American values, and is an abominable national crisis. There is no way business can be conducted as usual when Trump is blatantly violating the constitution and ripping families apart.

Please realize that on Long Island alone there are over 25 RESIST groups that have sprung up since the election. This is an all time surge of resistance. We demand that our Dem. leaders don’t let us down on this.

Thank you for your support and for continuing to uphold our shared values. I appreciate everything you have done so far to oppose Trump’s agenda and hope that you choose to withhold consent until the ban is lifted.

Telephone number
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