Debunked Lies!

As the GOP seeks to make Obamacare a wedge issue this election cycle, there have been a number of stories lately about cancer patients who have lost their insurance policies and claim to find their forced-replacement Obamacare policies prohibitively expensive. Not so fast. The Detroit news did a little fact checking on a recent Koch Bros sponsored Obamacare attack ad. The woman is actually saving money.  All stories should be fact checked and all lies debunked! Liz

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Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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3 Responses to Debunked Lies!

  1. Mike says:

    This is an important post. Chris Hayes (MSNBC Host) discussed the Republicans ability to create myths about the ACA and pointed out that the Republicans are succeeding in this myth creation.

  2. Some cases I have heard about are not so much about lies, but about frustration with getting signed up. Someone I know has gotten stuck on the NYS website. She originally tried signing up in Dec but used a guesstimate for her income. When she tried to correct it based on real tax return numbers, the system would not accept it. And since then she has spent countless hours on the phone. Eventually, I am sure she will get signed up and eventually she will find her insurance cost has dropped significantly compared with the cancelled insurance she had last year. But the hassles have soured her and I understand the sentiment. LESSON: use a professional, like an insurance enroller. They do this everyday many times over and are likely to know the pitfalls in the various exchanges.

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