How to sign up for ACA Healthcare Insurance WITHOUT problems on the Southfork

Millions of Americans and documented residents
now have the chance to get quality care that they
can afford.
1. If you need help, financial assistance is available.
2. You can’t be denied coverage, regardless of your health
3. You choose the plan that’s right for you.
4. Sign up through March 2014

This is for those that are frustrated and found it difficult to get good health insurance at a good rate.

I went to visit Sheila Rogers (the head of East Hampton Health Care Foundation).
Forget using state paid navigators in Suffolk county she says.  There are only about 3 of them.  They show up very infrequently (e.g. once a month for 3 hours at Southampton Hosp. for example).

There are 8 companies that are NYS approved to sell insurance through the ACA individual market place in Suffolk county.  But only 3 are providers of Medicaid Managed Care.

  1. Affinity Health Plan  (provider of Medicaid Managed Care)
  2. Fidelis Care  (provider of Medicaid Managed Care)  – no local doctors accept this companies plans!  Closest doctors in Riverhead!  FAVORITE CHOICE BECAUSE CHEAPEST
  3. United (provider of Medicaid Managed Care)  – very expensive if you are not eligible for Medicaid Managed Care!
  4. Emblem Health
  5. Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
  6. Health Republic (Freelancers) – no local doctors accept this companies plans!
  7. North Shore LIJ – doctors are mostly up island
  8. Oscar

Small Business Marketplace:

Health Republic
North Shore LIJ

Probably better to use an insurance broker if you are a business.

Here is the exciting part: Sheila has  “enrollers” that come to her clinic 4 days a week for 3 hours.  They see and sign up about 10-12 families at each session.  People have to make an appointment and the wait is usually about 1 week.  These enrollers are fluent in Spanish.  They do NOT try to overtly sell/push their own company…  (most of them come from Affinity and United).

You can call for an appointment:


JULIA FUENTES: 631-294-2921

VICKY DURAN: 516-315-1021

Insurance Brokers can also sell plans, including plans from other companies like Aetna, these plans are supposed to be in line with the ACA market place.

Sheila organizes a monthly Health Care Fair at our local Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Buell Lane, where families get free screening (BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol, etc) and free advice on how to sign up for the ACA.   The next such event is Friday, Feb 7th (11AM to 1:30 PM).

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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